He lived in Hamilton, Ontario as a young adult. Seth Clearwater and wife of Sue Clearwater. His father was the headmaster of Berkhamsted School, which Greene attended for … Greene is an Oneida, born in Ohsweken on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, the son of Lillian and John Greene, who was an ambulance driver and maintenance man. Graham Greene, in full Henry Graham Greene, (born October 2, 1904, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England—died April 3, 1991, Vevey, Switzerland), English novelist, short-story writer, playwright, and journalist whose novels treat life’s moral ambiguities in the context of contemporary political settings. Is Graham greene in The Twilight Saga? Greene's first brushes with the entertainment industry came when he was … Wiki User 2010-12-20 08:32:53. Veteran Canadian actor Graham Greene has joined the cast of New Moon, the sequel to the massive Hollywood hit Twilight, based on the popular vampire romance novels of Stephanie Meyers.

Yes, he plays a brief role. Harry Clearwater, father of Leah and. Graham Greene (born June 22, 1952 in Brantford, Ontario), appears in New Moon as Harry Clearwater.

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