The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Visitor Awards promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas by supporting nominally 1-6 week visits between researchers. In 1965, while an entrepreneur at his Silicon Valley startup Fairchild Semiconductor, Moore made a prediction that would set the pace for our modern digital revolution. Each year, we will fund one grant up to $75,000 and two additional grants up to $25,000 to support scientific meetings. The Moore Foundation, founded by Gordon Moore, well known for his role in the foundation of Intel Corporation and also for authoring Moore’s Law, seeks to help understand how the world works while paving the way to far-reaching benefits for society. Gordon Moore is an American engineer, technologist and entrepreneur whose pioneering work in semiconductor electronics helped establish Silicon Valley and drive the Digital Age. Each year we will fund up to 10 awards for 1-3 week visits (reimbursements up to $5,000) and up to 5 awards for 4-6 week visits (reimbursements up to $10,000). The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded a four-year, $3.7 million grant to Jonathan Zehr, professor of ocean sciences at the University of California,… The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Convening Awards support small scientific meetings to promote collaboration and enable a number of individuals to gather and have focused discussions and presentations.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded $6 million to three West Coast universities to create a prototype earthquake early warning system for the Pacific Coast of the United States.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation awards $17.5 million for Thirty Meter Telescope plans October 16, 2003 . Gordon Moore to receive lifetime achievement award from SIA Nov. 7, 2002 – San Jose, CA – The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) will honor Gordon E. Moore, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation, with the SIA 25th Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award, to be presented at the SIA’s Forecast and Award Dinner on Nov. 7.
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards hope to stimulate ideas on innovative ways in which emerging technologies can be used to address pressing problems in the physics of fundamental particles and interactions.
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation awarded $17.5 million to fund a detailed design study of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The dream of a giant optical telescope to improve our understanding of the universe and its origin has moved a step closer to reality today.

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