4 More than half of the world’s refugees … France’s far-right, anti-immigrant National Front party has for months been using Europe's refugee crisis to score political points against the Socialist government. In the wake of a terror attack in Paris, the United States and its longtime ally are both still struggling with how to handle a massive influx of Syrian refugees. And in Germany, which had the most asylum applications in 2015, fully two-thirds faulted the EU’s approach to the refugee crisis. The government intends to build a new refugee …

France Stratégie policy analyst Cécile Jolly explains the context of the crisis… According to data from Eurostat, France received 70,600 applications for asylum in 2015. France refugee statistics for 2017 was 337,143.00, a 10.7% increase from 2016. Refugee crisis: France clears part of Calais 'Jungle' French police fire tear gas canisters at protesters as demolition workers pull down shacks in makeshift refugee camp. Germany has accepted 440.000 migrants but France … France refugee statistics for 2016 was 304,546.00, a 11.5% increase from 2015. France refugee statistics for 2018 was 368,352.00, a 9.26% increase from 2017. At that time, an opinion poll by French BFMTV showed that 56 percent of respondents were opposed to France adopting a policy of welcoming refugees. There are now more than 70 million refugees and displaced people around the world. Sweden followed close behind with 1,667 per 100,000.

The International Rescue Committee is providing relief to millions in war zones and other countries in crisis; in Europe, where refugees … In 2018, the number of people of concern to UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee Agency—refugees, returnees, stateless persons, and internally displaced people—rose 3.5% over the year before, up to 70.8 million people. Nearly 1,800 refugees per 100,000 of Hungary's local population claimed asylum in 2015. France refugee … The EU’s Refugee Crisis.

Key facts about the global refugee crisis. Back to . The EU is confronted with an unprecedented influx of refugees.

The figure for Germany was 587 and for the … Even in countries with a lower number of asylees, disapproval of the EU’s handling of the refugee issue was widespread, including in France (70%), the UK (70%) and the Netherlands (63%). As recently as three months ago, Hollande opposed any form of quota system for refugees…

In his first six months as president, Macron stressed that France was a land of welcome for refugees, saying he wanted all of them off the streets by the end of 2017. What life looks like for refugees in France ... We must acknowledge the current refugee crisis and treat these people with dignity. English Articles.

Jeudi 12 Mai 2016. The interior minister also said that about 350 migrants remained in the makeshift camp known as the “jungle” in Calais, in the north of France, where thousands of migrants trying to reach the U.K. lived in precarious conditions until the camp was officially dismantled in October last year. Publié le. Anti-migrant sentiments were revealed back in September 2015 when the refugee crisis began to worsen. Whilst the refugee crisis has dominated debates in Germany since 2015, it plays a subordinate role in France where the war on Islamist terrorism and the desperate state of the economy dominate.

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