Food consumption. We examined status and risk factors for Western- and Chinese fast food consumption and their associations with health outcomes in Chinese children, and examined how maternal factors were associated with child health outcomes.

from each child/ adolescent before the examinations. Consumption pattern of calcium-rich foods was assessed with a modified food frequency questionnaire.

Snacking was defined by study participants as the consumption of nonmeal foods.

Consumption of junk food among adolescents has been recognized as a serious health problem in the world. Therefore, this study aims to assess the effectiveness of an educational intervention program (interactive lecture) based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB) for reducing junk food consumption among school adolescents in Birgunj Metropolitan City, Nepal.

The food consumption pattern mostly vary region wise, age wise and decade wise. A Systematic Review of Diet and Eating Practices among Adolescent Girls in Low- and Middle-income Countries . We examined status and risk factors for Western- and Chinese fast food consumption and their associations with health outcomes in Chinese children, and examined how maternal factors were associated with child health outcomes.

The different age groups taken for study was categorized in 15-35, 35-55 and 55 and above age groups. Snack food consumption showed trends similar to those of fast food consumption in children. China has seen rapid increase in obesity and hypertension prevalence and fast food consumption over the past decade. The proportion of snacks from home foods decreased from a high of 76.4% in 1977–1978 to a low of 64.8% in the 1994–1996 survey .

The total proportions of each food item consumed by the study population during the seven days prior to the interview are presented in additional file 1.Of the 100% of respondents consuming produce, approximately 17% indicated that some or all of the produce they consumed was organically grown. between 13 to 16 years, assess the consumption pattern of brain foods and to know the food behavior and brain foods consumption among the adolescence.

Adolescence marks a critical period of biological and psychosocial growth and development that is unique among phases in the life … February 2018 .

STUDY OVERVIEW . Fruit and vegetable consumption during childhood is linked to many positive short- and long-term health outcomes, with a well established decreased risk of NCDs such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer in adulthood.

China has seen rapid increase in obesity and hypertension prevalence and fast food consumption over the past decade. The objective was to analyze food consumption patterns among adolescents and their relationship with family and social factors.

Half (51.5%) of the respondents had good knowledge about calcium, while 48.5% had poor knowledge.

Most interventions to foster child growth and development in India focus on improving food quality and quantity. Study methods have been previously describe.1 Briefly, ... Pattern of dairy food consumption during adolescence A significant decrease in serves/day of total dairy (milk, yoghurt, and cheese), and in particular, milk, was ob-served from age 12 to 17 years in the overall cohort and in boys and girls separately (Table 1). Adolescent eating patterns are established through a complex process involving internal and external factors such as food preferences and availability, body weight perception, and parental and peer influences 1, 2, 3.Health professionals recognize that poor eating patterns may result in nutritional problems that can impair adolescent growth and development . Our study showed mean age was 19.8 ± (2.2) years; calcium knowledge score was 10.1(±3.7). It was answered anonymously. The adolescent's age/gender, parents' studies/occupation and school's location/type were included. A study was conducted to know the frequency of consumption of different food groups and other additional food items in different decades by the population of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

This may include intra-household and community level dynamics, other socio-cultural factors, economic and market factors, policies, and ecological or geographical factors.

Even though specific time periods were statistically significant (in other words, food group consumption differed among various time periods), the nonsignificant coefficient estimates of the interaction terms indicated that the consumption pattern throughout the day was similar between overweight and normal-weight adolescents. METHODS: Multicentre observational cross-sectional descriptive study using a food frequency questionnaire for the last week.

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