Learn More about Data Management or Contact Sales to add to your deployment. Server administrators can view the license and product key information for Tableau Server..

Multiple types of User-Based term licenses are available: Viewer, Explorer and Creator. Tableau Viewer is the new Tableau role designed to help scale analytics to all corners of your organization. Tableau Licensing: Creator, Explorer and Viewer Explained Business Strategy & Perspectives. Tableau Viewer is the Tableau role that helps you scale analytics to all corners of your organization. Free to use and fully interactive Tableau Reader is a free desktop application that you can use to open and interact with data visualizations built in Tableau Desktop. Explorers have access to a subset of these capabilities via Tableau Server/Online, and Viewers receive a limited set of Tableau Server permissions based on the needs of someone who views and interacts only. Tableau Viewer is for people who require access to analytic insight to perform their job function but prefer to access content that has been created by others. Tomorrow your Viewers will use the Tableau Platform to back up their intuition with facts and make data-driven decisions based on dashboards created by your Creators and Explorers. Tableau Data Management Add-on Enhance data preparation and governance with this add-on to Tableau Online. This blog will cover each Tableau licensing type so you can make the best decision for your company and your budget. With appropriate permissions, Creators can access the full functionality of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server/Online, and Tableau Prep Builder. Includes: One Viewer license of Tableau Online. Tableau Viewer is a role-based license option on Tableau Server which allows casual users to access and interact with trusted content created by Creators and Explorers, without putting the security of your data at risk. Learn about Tableau Viewer. Viewing licenses from the Tableau Server web UI. How you navigate to the Licenses page in Tableau Server depends on whether you have a single site, or multiple sites.. On a server with a single site, click Settings and Licenses:. I know that "Custom Views" function only available for Creator and Explorer license holder. It is difficult to figure out what exactly users can and cannot do with each license type. Tableau offers User-Based term licenses that grant a range of capabilities at various price points. Tableau licensing can be confusing. Filter, drill down and discover. For the users holding viewer license using Tableau Server, they can interact with the dashboard by applying filters on it, but they can't bookmark their own filter set using "Custom Views".

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