William Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana are among the most famous British people. Get the best stories in the world all in one place with Disney+. famous people alive, Famous people with autism spectrum disorder should be celebrated for speaking about the condition and their experience with it, as well as some famous people who have either diagnosed themselves as being on the spectrum or who have been suspected of being on the spectrum by those who have observed their mannerisms. Famous people over 90 How the Tiger King cast reacted to the doco. This is a list of people burned after being deemed heretics by different Christian Churches.The list does not attempt to encompass the list of those executed by burning for other reasons (such as victims of witch hunts or other persecutions). Prof.Hawking is a living legend,he is famous for his contributions to science,he has done something that is equilant to the works of einstein nd as far im right einstein is one the famous personalities that world remembers,hawking will also be remembered like him. These celebrities are often mistaken for each other. Hopefully, famous contemporary painters and artists won’t mind too much what their position is on our list of most famous artists and painters who are alive today, though one can never be sure.

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