Secularisation of education is the only way of making sure liberal and tolerant values are taught and adhered to. In the UK they must teach at least the National Curriculum but they can choose whatever religious studies they teach. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Faith schools.

Some people (myself included) do not like 1.

Around a third of all state-funded schools in England and Wales are schools ‘with a religious character’ – the legal term for ‘faith schools’, as they are known in England and Wales, or denominational schools, as they are known in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Faith schools have a negative impact on social cohesion, foster segregation of children on social, ethnic and religious lines, and undermine choice and equality. No More Faith Schools. No More Faith Schools is a national campaign dedicated to bringing about an end to state funded faith schools. Types of school and how they're run - community schools, academies, free schools, faith schools, state boarding schools Types of school - GOV.UK Skip to main content This number has grown in recent years as successive governments have […] Schools which foster division (an “us and them” narrative). Topping the list was Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School in the northern town of Blackburn, followed by Eden Boy’s school in Birmingham and the Eden Girl’s School in neighboring Coventry. The Government’s green paper, Schools that work for everyone, proposed removing the restriction on faith schools which currently limits faith based admissions to 50 per cent.This proposal is based on the premise that the majority of faith schools are high-performing, have good Ofsted ratings, and support increased social mobility. If a new faith school is proposed in your local area, or it looks like a religious group is taking over a local non-faith school, you can report it to the No More Faith Schools campaign, and download their free guide to challenging this. Faith schools offer an education based on one particular religion. Eight Muslim faith schools have been recognized among the top 20 schools in Britain for academic progress in 2019, in the published GCSE league tables for 2019.. Creating partnerships between schools and faith-based organizations: Schools and religious centers need to communicate and collaborate. "The best response would be to stop building new faith schools and roll back existing religious control over state schools – particularly in areas where non-faith schooling is highly restricted. The term is most commonly applied to state funded Faith Schools, where it is sometimes contentious. All the latest breaking news on Faith schools. The idea of schools which exclude anyone for unjustifiable reasons. Abolition of faith schools is the only way to ensure an equality in education. 2. Schools intended to indoctrinate 3.

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