It was the Sword in the Stone, and it was kept in the cathedral of St Stephen’s after it was drawn. The three Swords of the Cross are named Amoracchius, Esperacchius, and Fidelacchius. Kusanagi. The Kusanagi. When upgraded to+20, it does 2,452 damage; in addition, it also gives a 10% health regeneration buff.

Or, as they've been called in the past, Excalibur, Durendal, and Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, respectively. “Of course I know the Swords of the Cross. It is also called Caliburn or, in Welsh, Caledfwlch. Tyrfing. Who wins? The Sword of the Kings of Ankh in Discworld. It has a 15% critical chance and deals 1,226 damage. Similar to other legendary swords, the origin of Durandal has been shrouded in mystery over the centuries. Round one: Excalibur comes with the scabbard. Excalibur -Sword of King Arthur King Arthur’s sword, symbol of divine kingship, is as much a character in the legend as any human or supernatural being. Masamune and Muramasa. Durendal. It is also said to have belonged to young Charlemagne at one point, and, passing through Saracen hands, came to be owned by Roland. Clarent was Arthur’s Sword of Peace. Excalibur, for instance, is the famous sword of King Arthur of Camelot, whilst the Zulfiqar is said to have been sent from the Heavens to the Prophet Muhammad, who subsequently handed the weapon to his cousin and son-in-law. The sword has been given various provenances. The Durendal is a Hardmode whip crafted from Hallowed Bars.If the whip continuously strikes an enemy, its attack speed will noticeably increase for a short time. Excalibur sword, King Solomon sword, William Wallace sword, Swords of El Cid, Masamune sword, Durendal sword, Zulfiqar Sword, Kusanagi sword, Hrunting. Durendal, also spelled Durandal, is the sword of Roland, legendary paladin of Charlemagne in French epic literature. Excalibur was King Arthur’s sword of war. Kusanagi. “The ones with the nails from the Crucifixion worked into them.” “Excalibur, Durendal, and Kusanagi, yes, yes,” Sir Stuart said, his tone a little impatient. All fighters are equally matched in all respects, other than the blade they're wielding. Excalibur. Glory of the Ten Powers. Round two: Excalibur is naked. And the little blond woman has two of them?” The Kusanagi is a legendary level 100 Katana, dropped from Baal, The Tormentor in Transylvania.

The drop rate for this item is 0.5%. Sometimes he lent it to Gawaine.

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