The immigration crisis that Europe has been facing has become more of a damaging element to the European Union than a solution, there is a resistance in the polities of Europe, where radical right parties opposed to … That displaced a financial crisis into political systems by straining public finances and social protections in all EU member states. Kriesi have described the West European political space in terms of two dimensions related to and influenced by the process of globalisation, in the form of immigration and EU integration. Next, I discuss how the context of crisis has transformed the EU. The many crises and their handling have not only exacerbated but to a considerable degree also altered the democratic-legitimacy problems facing the EU. Choisissez votre parcours d'étude In order to best capture these changes, it is useful to apply several possible democratic decision-making configurations. Please do not cite without permission.
Exploring the EU’s Legitimacy Crisis provides a profound analysis of the causes and the consequences of the EU’s growing legitimacy problem. January 31, 2020 In the wake of the financial crisis, EU governments spent taxpayers’ money to rescue European banks. Etudier.

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Candidats étudiants; Etudes économiques européennes. The European Union’s Legitimacy as a Crisis Manager Mark Rhinard Stockholm University and Swedish Institute of International Affairs 28 August 2016 For presentation at the UACES 46th Annual Conference, London, 5-7 September 2016 *First draft, inadequately referenced. But is the EU experiencing a legitimacy crisis?
The European Union’s Double Crisis of Legitimacy It isn’t sufficiently democratic, and there’s no push to penalize authoritarian member states.

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