Since 1991, when the first styles were published, the font has developed into a super family with numerou FF Meta is a humanist sans-serif typeface family designed by Erik Spiekermann and released in 1991 through his FontFont library. It was designed in the previous decade by Erik Spiekermann, and introduced by Herman Miller’s then-Vice President of Creative Design, Steve Frykholm. He founded MetaDesign (1979) and FontShop (1988). Erik Spiekermann. He is behind the design of well-know brands such as Audi, Bosch, VW, German … Continued In 1979 he founded MetaDesign and in 1989 FontShop. Even as a child, Spiekermann was drawn to the typographic arts. We also know (from decades of experience) that the best work happens in a committed relationship. We therefore no longer take part in … Tell me something, if it is such a bad font, why does it rank on no.1 on typeface rank chart and meta on 20…and lets not talk about other two as they dont even come in top 100. Frank Stratmann. Georg Schmuecker. In our latest ‘At Home With’ series, we caught up with our founder Erik Spiekermann as he takes us through the Berlin townhouse he shares with Susanna Dulkinys and talks about printing presses, his most hated typefaces and what led him to become a typomaniac. According to Spiekermann, FF Meta was intended to be a “complete antithesis of Helvetica”, which he found “boring and bland”. Hiro Niwa.

Complacency is the enemy of great work. Janine Miriam Khayati. He has offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Singapore. Gary McDaniel.

And the reason why it works most of the time is because it doesn’t speak for the matter written, infact its so transparent that it allows the matter to speak for itself. Henk Noorman. Ivan Teso. Erik Spiekermann Erik Spiekermann is a typographer, type designer, and author. Erik Spiekermann Internationally renowned graphic designer, typographer and type designer. We cannot afford to give them away for free. Esmé Rocks. In 1979 he co-founded MetaDesign, followed by FontShop in 1989 (with Joan Spiekermann) and Edenspiekermann in 2002 (with Susanna Dulkinys). Erik Spiekermann, born 1947, studied History of Art and English in Berlin. A book about his life and work “Hello I am Erik” was published by Gestalten Verlag in 2014. He is equally comfortable and prolific as a writer, graphic and typeface designer, but type is always at the epicenter of this communication dynamo. Jael Koh. He founded the multidisciplinary design consultancy MetaDesign in Berlin, 1979, opening a major San Francisco office in 1992, and another in Zurich. FF Meta is een schreefloze lettertypefamilie ontworpen door de Duitse ontwerper Erik Spiekermann.Het was oorspronkelijk ontwikkeld in 1984 voor een bijdrage aan het bedrijfslettertype van het Duitse postbedrijf Deutsche Bundespost, maar werd nooit in gebruik genomen.. De lettertypes voorafgegaan door "FF" zijn uitgegeven door FontFont, een voortgezet bedrijf uit FontShop van Spiekermann. Two of his typefaces, FF Meta and ITC Officina, are considered to be modern classics. Erik Spiekermann, born in 1947, studied Art History and English at the Free University of Berlin.

Our strategic and creative resources are our most valuable assets. Longer still: Erik Spiekermann is art historian, information architect, type designer and author. Floor Herman. Francesco Galea. Erik Spiekermann calls himself an information architect. Two of his typefaces, FF Meta and ITC Officina, are considered to be modern classics. Erik Spiekermann FF Meta 1984-1991 Not on view; In 1984 the Deutsche Bundespost (West German post office) commissioned a typeface from Sedley Place Design, the office where Spiekermann worked. I agree to receive … Erik Spiekermann is information architect, type designer and author of books and articles on type and typography. FF Meta Webfonts and Desktop Fonts – One of the most famous and popular typefaces of the FontFont library is Meta, designed by Erik Spiekermann. We may have to take their side at times. He is author, information architect, type designer (FF Meta, ITC Officina, FF Info, FF Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk and many corporate typefaces) and author of books and articles on type and typography.

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