He is best remembered for his four-volume history of the modern world. Hobsbawm was also denied a lectureship at Cambridge by political enemies, and, given that he was also blocked for a time from a professorship at Birkbeck for the same reasons, spoke of his good fortune at having got a post at Birkbeck in 1948 before the Cold War really started to take off. I was reading Eric HOBSBAWM’s excellent eulogy on Tony Judt[1] this rainy morning. Speaking of the end of the Communist system, this Marxist historian stated: “The real heroes of the period [i.e.

Completing this book in the immediate post-cold-war period, he sensed a prospect not of the triumph of democratic capitalism, but a form of anarchy, … Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012) was a British Marxist historian and Communist Party member. One sentence struck me. While communism faltered, Hobsbawm appears to be saying, capitalism too lost its bearings. He is best remembered for his four-volume history of the modern world. During the first decades of the cold war the two systems played a sort of score draw, with the competition obliging them both to raise their economic game.

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