6 . The EPPP is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. The exam may be taken before, during, or after completion of your post-doctoral supervised work experience, and either before or after the EPPP. Additional Study Materials. Our EPPP Quick Study Bundle combines the pieces essential to preparing for the exam together into one package and provides you with a built-in discount to maximize your study plan. If you're a psychologist or psychology graduate student you know that the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology is a very demanding test. Working on studying the material alone can feel overwhelming. Candidates may take the EPPP at any authorized Pearson Testing Center in the ASPPB network, regardless of where they have applied to be licensed. However, the EPPP is a difficult exam for other reasons than the material. The EPPP Step 2, which is intended to complement the existing EPPP through assessing competency and skills, was previously being planned for a January 2019 launch. But it was delayed a year to give licensing boards and examinees more notice that the skill-based exam will no longer be optional and to announce the costs for the new two-part exam. The $600 fee for each part of the exam will be paid when candidates schedule to take that part of the exam. How To Pass The EPPP Exam Without Even Trying! When candidates schedule their appointment, they will receive an email that includes confirmation of their appointment date, time and location; an Order Number; Initially the launch date for the EPPP-Part 2 was Jan. 1, 2019. Additional Study Materials. Workshops, mock exams, and printed study tools are available individually to fit any study plan. By pushing the date forward by a year, the ASPPB has more time to develop the … will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for, and pass this difficult, yet essential professional examination.

EPPP Candidate Handbook .

Since this represents an increase in the fee for the EPPP, we will delay the launch date of the Part 2 for a year from the originally announced date of January 2019. The cost for the EPPP will be $1200 (plus test site fees). An exam that covers “everything you learned in graduate school” is an extremely far-reaching exam. Anxiety about the exam can stem from simply not being well-enough acquainted with the whole process.

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