Framework for Professional Development in EL Education Schools: An overview of the structures and roles used to support professional learning for the school community. Effective Coaching Skills .

Coaching is a strategy to deepen a skill set and a knowledge base that a community of educators has committed to learning together. Effective Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers As increasingly more firms look to develop skills from within, coaching has almost become a pro forma leadership skill. Characteristics of EL Education Professional Development: A document describing EL Education’s beliefs regarding effective professional development for educators. Coaching focuses on developing skills and improving the performance of others. Effective coaching, as a strategy for professional learning, doesn't exist in isolation; the strongest coaching programs emerge from comprehensive professional development plans.

School districts should make a deliberate effort to support teacher implementation of instructional priorities through training events, coaching, principal observation, staff and grade-level meetings, and evaluation systems. However, to be an effective coach, you must also build good relationships, analyze performance, communicate effectively, and motivate individuals. These functions are … Harvard University professor Heather C. Hill says the "professional development system for teachers is, by all accounts, broken." But ultimately, the best professional development comes from teachers teaching one another.

Studies show that teachers need to take part in … Instructional Coaching: Eight factors for realizing better classroom teaching through support, feedback and intensive, individualized professional learning by Jim Knight: An article by Jim Knight that outlines eight factors in implementing effective instructional coaching. The question is how to overcome this for our most effective professional development as educators.

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