Distinctiveness, it means whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations. Summary: Attribution Theory attempts to explain the world and to determine the cause of an event or behavior (e.g. One of the defining principles of attribution theory is that motivation and behaviour is influenced heavily by an individuals own values and experiences, and as a developing teacher, differentiation to suit the individual is one of my core values. why people do what they do).

ATTRIBUTION PROCESS The Attribution Theory is associated with three major factors that define it. It is for this reason that I think it is important to include discussion and exploration… Originator: Bernard Weiner (1935- ) Key terms: Attribution, locus of control, stability, controllability Attribution Theory (Weiner) Weiner developed a theoretical framework that has become very influential in social psychology today. Implications Of Attribution Theory For Explaining Organizational Behavior. Attribution theory is a psychological theory that attempts to explain behavior and can be quite useful in the management of organizations.

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