If you’re guilty of typing “ halloween makeup ideas ” or “ halloween makeup tutorials ” into your Google search bar approximately 1,000 times, you’ve come to the right place. Vampire makeup for girls really doesn’t have to be complicated at all. For the ultimate bloodsucking vampire look, we have a tutorial that's easy to follow and fit for one of Dracula's brides. Simple Vampire Makeup for Girls. To create a foundation for your vampire makeup, cover your face with a pale foundation or white face paint. One reason I haven’t dressed up as a vampire in the past was because I loathe wearing the gross rubber teeth and fake fangs. Use this simple step tutorial if you decided to be a sexy vampire this Halloween. Easy Vampire Makeup for Men and Women By Del Sandeen When taking on the role of a seductive bloodsucker, having the right vampire makeup instructions down pat goes a long way toward being the scary undead creature of the night you want to be. Vampire Makeup Step 1: Contour All Over. Use a black brow liner to create dramatic eyebrows, then use purple, red, or black eyeshadow in a circle all around your eyes to make them look sunken in. Sweep a contour cream or powder along the sides of your nose, under your cheekbones, and around your forehead to make your features really stand out. Halloween is the best time to try out a new, unexpected makeup look, or to show the world your true self! Liz Breygel shares her Gothic Vampire makeup look and shows how to recreate this look. 1. Learn more on … Finish your eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara, then paint your lips a deep red for a stark contrast. Neutral eyeshadow colors can help enhance the eyes, but a little blood around the lips is the dead giveaway for this vampire makeup. Don't let concerns over your Halloween costume haunt your dreams this year. Whether you’re a shameless procrastinator or a type-A planner, this vampire makeup tutorial will suffice for either lifestyle — especially if makeup is so much more important to you than the actual costume. This year, I wanted to share an easy vampire makeup tutorial for Halloween that’s still glam enough to feel dolled up in for parties.

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