There are six books in the Easy Grammar series: Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, and Plus (for grades 7 and above).

Taking a hands-on approach to teaching that includes editing exercises, Easy Grammar makes learning grammar faster and easier. Parents and teachers love the ideas and strategies that promote mastery. Easy Grammar Systems has provided this FREE placement test as a resource for teachers and educators.

Easy Grammar: Grade 1 Teacher Edition PRODUCT #819. This promotes mastery learning!

The … This test is intended to assess the grammar knowledge of elementary grade students (Grades 1 … Easy Grammar: Grade 1. Easy Grammar teaches homeschooled students to utilize the prepositional approach, which asks them to memorize prepositions in order to eliminate them from sentences, making finding the noun and verb much easier.. All Easy Grammar books include unit reviews, unit tests, cumulative reviews and cumulative tests.

Assessments and practice exercises will help identify any issues with irregular/regular verb use, past participles, subject-verb agreement, degrees of adjectives, commonly misused words, and more. At first, I was quite disappointed, because the layout seemed so bizarre. We’d discuss Infinitives for a day and then move on to helping verbs the next, all in the middle of the preposition unit! Author Dr. Wanda Phillips has made learning grammar easy and enjoyable while ensuring that students achieve mastery.

Let’s start with the teaching series. The Easy Grammar books, with the exception of Easy Grammar: Grade 2, are very similar to one another.

Easy Grammar Plus is a 7th Grade bestselling homeschool English curriculum that uses a unique prepositional approach. Easy Grammar Systems is a leading publisher for grammar and writing curriculum for grades 1 – 12+.

$29.95 Add to Cart. Easy Grammar.

Written by "Easy Grammar" author Wanda Phillips, this easy-to-use curriculum will help you improve your own English skills if you even unknowingly incorporate incorrect usage. EASY GRAMMAR ® Teaching Texts The lessons in Easy Grammar: Grade 1 will provide students in first grade (ages 6-7) with the basic concepts of capitalization, punctuation, word formation, sentence formation, and sentence combining.

Concepts are presented with the most basic skill first, and skills build for ease in understanding.

ISBN: 978-0-936981-819 This book is a teaching text with the Daily Grams format. Easy Grammar came with our Winter Promise curriculum last year, so I thought I’d give it a try.

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