Eugenius (meaning “well-born”) may be Charles Sackville, who was Lord Buckhurst, a patron of Dryden and a poet himself.

It 1s not without some accuracy that Dryden refers to Chaucer in the Preface to his Fables as the "father of Crites (Greek for “judge” or “critic”) perhaps represents Sir Robert Howard, Dryden’s brother-in-law. He was the first to dub Chaucer as ‘the father of English literature’ and wrote that ‘Shakespeare was the Homer, or father of our dramatic poets’ in An Essay on Dramatic Poesie (1668).
Chaucer As A Poet by John Dryden YET even there too the Figures of Chaucer are much more lively, and set in a better Light: Which though I have not time to prove; yet I appeal to the Reader, and am sure he will clear me from Partiality. Dryden saw himself as being within a continuing tradition of great writers, and worked to present himself as exactly that, with strong links to the literary past. Chaucer: By John Dryden (1631–1700) From Preface to the Fables. ENGL 2111: English Literature from Chaucer to Milton. This course is a brief, selective survey of English literature from Chaucer to the late seventeenth century. Dryden says that if invention is accepted as the yardstick to measure the epic poet, Homer occupies the first place pushing Virgil to the second place. Being a converted Catholic and a supporter of King James II, Dryden ended connections with the court patronage upon the accession of William III (reigned 1689–1694). Lisideius refers to Sir Charles … John Dryden (1631-1700) John Dryden, the first of the great English neo-classical poets, warmly admired Chaucer, whom he regarded as the founder of English verse, an equal to the great poets of classical antiquity.

At the end of his life Dryden produced The Fables, translations of works by Ovid and Chaucer. As poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright, John Dryden (1631–1700) dominated the literary scene of Restoration England. [Dryden translates The Knight's Tale, the Nun's Priest's Tale, The Wife of Bath's Tale, and The Flower and The Leaf (then thought to be Chaucer's), and The character of a Good Parson, based on (rather than translated from) the portrait of the Parson in the General Prologue.] From The Poetical Works of John Dryden, ed. George Gilfillan, Edinburgh, 1855, Vol. Discuss Dryden’s comparison of Ovid with Chaucer. At the end of his life Dryden produced The Fables, translations of works by Ovid and Chaucer. Dryden does therefore critically evaluate the weaknesses of Chaucer, pointing out that metrically, he can be considered to be weak in the lack of precision of his verse. Chaucer and Ovid Compared Not a single character has escaped him. II.

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