You and I may experience the same loss and in your social situation, among your friends and your community, the loss is “openly acknowledged, socially sanctioned or publicly mourned”, whereas in my social situation, among my friends and community, it is not. Disenfranchised grief has everything to do with society’s views and can vary within families, friendship circles, cultures, etc. Disenfranchised grief is not black-or-white, rather it is a relative and subjective experience.

Disenfranchised grief happens when a loss is neither publicly supported or acknowledged and remains invalidated. Disenfranchised grief refers to losses that are not publicly acknowledged, socially supported, and openly mourned.

In the COVID-19 pandemic such losses are myriad—complicating grief. Family scapegoating abuse survivors often experience ‘disenfranchised grief’ – an apt term coined by grief researcher Ken Doka. Coming Home: Disenfranchised Grief.

The article serves as an introduction to this form of disenfranchised grief for both the counselor and the ex-offender, as well as a call to action in expanding research on this topic.

To put it simply, disenfranchised grief is when others don’t properly acknowledge your grief, like when someone is grieving the loss of a non-immediate family member. Per Doka (1989), disenfranchised grief … Unable to sleep, John stared up at the ceiling feeling the strangely soft sheets against his skin.

For example, someone who is grieving the loss of their cousin may not feel they’re getting the support they need. In this webinar we review the unique aspects of the pandemic that contribute to disenfranchising grief both before and after death.

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