The first is students are motivated to be able say and understand the words in foreign language which is teaches by their teacher, especially cause the teacher used the educational tools and other enjoying media which can make the lesson more interesting.

The advantages and disadvantages of historical approaches.

Film as a Historical Source . Alan Sennet explains why even though film is a valuable primary source, historians must subject it to rigorous interrogation. Often hist fiction is accurate in the parts that are based on actual history, but with a fictional (yet plausible and well-researched) story playing through the facts. Film production and film-going are social practices and important aspects of twentieth-century life. As a result, simply looking at the movie, we have no way of knowing to what extent “Lincoln” is accurate. In historical studies of film, however, politics remains paramount. The advantages and disadvantages of historical approaches. historical cost accounting has been a controversial method that experienced many criticisms over a period of time, especially since it considers the acquisition cost of an asset and does not recognize the current market value. Direct method. Historic or Incremental Budgets. Proper use means that students are made aware of inaccuracies in the movies and are told concretely which facts have been distorted and are inconsistent to historical … On the other hand, some hist fiction may not be accurate at all, and is only loosely based on a historical period.

Scott ... movies and TV shows set in a historical period can be extensively researched and often blend fact and fiction. I am not asking generally of the advantages and disadvantages of a fantasy setting vs. historical setting. To prepare the budget, identify events that are predicted to occur in the next budget period, ie. Whether certain liberties need to be taken with the truth in order to tell a certain story or there was just an unfortunate lack of accurate historical information at the time the film was shot, there have been plenty of valid reasons over the years why a movie might need to change parts of history. Anonymous, advantage and disadvantages of watching movies from my experiences, answered I agree to the fact that there are disadvantages about watching movies. I am asking within the fantasy setting of the advantages and disadvantages of a fantasy setting inspired by "general-past" vs a fantasy setting inspired more specifically by "11th century England", or "early Renaissance Italy", for example. When using film or photographic sources, or any other sort of primary evidence, we need to ask a number of questions. And many historians demonstrate a strong interest in questions about censorship, apparently because the subject relates film to politics through attention to public opinion, regulation, and constitutional matters. 47,233; Art; Media; Powerful means of conveying social messages to the world . This page was published over five years ago. Documentaries are also means by which young people can share and learn about cultural experiences with others. Historical fiction isn't necessarily "inaccurate."

Because of the emphasis on appeal to a mass audience such films tend not to be reliable historical sources. If used properly the benefits clearly overweigh the perils. Before I start to explain about the advantages and disadvantages of historical approaches, first I will explain about the definition of approaches in according to our book an approach is viewed as an over all theory about learning language, which then lends it-self to “approaching” language teaching and learning in a certain manner. In summary, introducing movies to classroom instruction is a double-edged sword. Essentially this basis for budget preparation takes the actual performance of the current period and uses it as the "base" from which to predict the performance in the next budget period. Are movies a good way to learn history? But when the information in the movie conflicts with the historical facts in the text, students are more likely to remember the film version, regardless of whether it's correct. In Direct method there are some advantages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Historical Approaches. In Direct method there are some advantages. There's no such thing as an entirely historically accurate film. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of World Cinema 2. How Documentary Films Benefit the World. What goes for films tends to go for novels too - better to read contemporary novels e.g. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of World Cinema 1. May 16, 2017 8.06pm EDT. The most obvious advantage of HC accounting is objectivity. Direct method. Film as a Historical Source . Merits and demerits of this method are as follows. The first is students are motivated to be able say and understand the words in foreign language which is teaches by their teacher, especially cause the teacher used the educational tools and other enjoying media which can make the lesson more interesting.

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