Shyamnath Gollakota, Fadel Adib, Dina Katabi, Srinivasan Seshan: Clearing the RF smog: making 802.11n robust to cross-technology interference. At the same time, Twitter will persitently store several cookies with your web browser. CoRR abs/1608.03000 (2016) I am the Andrew & Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, and the leader of NETMIT research group at CSAIL. Nicholas Locascio, Karthik Narasimhan, Eduardo DeLeon, Nate Kushman, Regina Barzilay: Neural Generation of Regular Expressions from Natural Language with Minimal Domain Knowledge. Interns, Visitors, and Engineers: I am looking to hire a system security engineer. CoRR abs/1303.1209 ( 2013 ) Privacy notice: By enabling the option above, your browser will contact and to load tweets curated by our Twitter accout. Show tweets from on the dblp homepage. SIGMOD'03).

I am also a Director of the MIT Center for Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing . Alexandr Andoni, Ronald Fagin, Ravi Kumar, Mihai Patrascu, D. Sivakumar: Corrigendum to "efficient similarity search and classification via rank aggregation" by Ronald Fagin, Ravi Kumar and D. Sivakumar (proc. Srikanth Kandula, Dina Katabi, Shantanu Sinha, Arthur W. Berger: Dynamic load balancing without packet reordering. Deepak Vasisht, Zerina Kapetanovic, Jongho Won, Xinxin Jin, Ranveer Chandra, Sudipta N. Sinha, Ashish Kapoor, Madhusudhan Sudarshan, Sean Stratman: FarmBeats: … Dina Katabi, Archan Misra: Proceedings of the 2nd workshop on Workshop on Physical Analytics, WPA@MobiSys 2015, Florence, Italy, May 22, 2015.

Badih Ghazi, Haitham Hassanieh, Piotr Indyk, Dina Katabi, Eric Price, Lixin Shi: Sample-Optimal Average-Case Sparse Fourier Transform in Two Dimensions. Computer Communication Review 37 ( 2 ) : 51-62 ( 2007 ) ACM 2015, ISBN 978-1-4503-3498-3 load tweets from SIGCOMM 2011 : 170-181 In 2003, Katabi joined MIT, where she currently holds the title of Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Katabi received a bachelor's degree from the University of Damascus in 1995 and M.S and Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT in 1998 and 2003 respectively.

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