What is the difference between a dialect and a language?!

If one would ask you what your language is, would you say it is English? How about that same person asking you what your dialect is? Dialect vs Language. A language is a form of communication used by humans with the use of sounds. A dialect is a form of a language that can be seen in a specific region. As a matter of fact, both the words are to be understood in different senses. From a linguistic point of view, these terms are problematic! Language!! Many people are puzzled if there should be a distinction between the two. They might have a particular meaning from a socio-political point of view!! Key differences between Language and Dialect. Dialect vs. We break down the differences and why linguists tend to avoid them in academic writing.

Confused by what it means to talk about languages, accents and dialects? The language or language has more acceptances and is given more prestige than the dialect; to which in some cases it is considered a deviation from the language. In this sense, one can say that a dialect is a subset of a language. The language is more general, while the dialect is more particular and specific to an area. A language can have several dialects.

A language, then, is indeed a dialect with an army and a navy; or, more to the point, a language is a dialect that got put up in the shop window.

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