But any gently curving line can be used to advantage in composition - it does not have to be "S"-shaped. In elementary geometry the concept of a curve is not clearly defined and is sometimes defined as "length without width" or as the "boundary of a surface" .

Challenge #38 in the Ways of Seeing series. Curve Line. As we learned in the previous section about light , lines are be created by the juxtaposition of contrasting tones or colors. a question: it's posible to make curve lines in QC? If one determines precisely the densities of several solutions below and above the saturation level, one observes a slope change on a density vs. alloy composition curve. While the center point is not always in the center of the composition, it is always in the center of the spiral. Even a short curved line can curve more steeply at one end compared to the other and it's hard to tell how steep or flat each bit of a curved line is. The most important characteristic is that the curves are gentle and flowing and not interrupted by jarring angles or breaks. By using a curved line instead of straight, the viewer’s eye moves more naturally along the composition. Many are familiar with leading lines down a long trail or railroad, but many are not as familiar with the curve as a leading line. Challenge has finished Painters discovered that the inclusion of an s-shaped curve in their composition added a sense of movement to an otherwise static image. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. A leading line takes your eye from one point of the photograph to another, following along a single line. Curved lines like these are very difficult for our brains to analyse. Composition: Curves, arches and lead-in lines. When you look at a photograph your eye naturally wanders around it. By Prack (33) at 2008-04-18 07:06; Compositions ; Login or register to post comments; Comment viewing options. Curved lines like these are very difficult for our brains to analyse. There's no right or wrong way to compose a photo. The line above starts off at quite a steep angle with quite a lot of curve and then flattens off with much less curve. The S-curve of the house is like the s-view of a snake that is going from left to right across our line of vision. They can meander through the image, like a winding river. First imagine the snake going away and second picture the snake going sideways across your view. Try the. Even a short curved line can curve more steeply at one end compared to the other and it's … The s-shape is aesthetically pleasing and is capable of standing on its own in an image. In elementary geometry the study of a curve essentially reduces to consideration of examples (a straight line, an interval, a polygon, a circle, etc.). Unlike straight vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines, curved lines can lead the eye around the image. Kineme GL Tools patch. C curves, or semi-circles, are probably the easiest curves to find since almost any curve qualifies.

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