CSR and Regulatory Issue. Corporate social responsibility is whatever companies want it to be, and often, what is most convenient. CSR has become the dominant framework within which business and civil society struggle over corporate practices and governance structures. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) promotes a vision of business accountability to a wide range of stakeholders, besides shareholders and investors. Key areas of concern are environmental protection and the wellbeing of employees, the community and civil society in general, both now and in the future. Historically informed, theoretically sophisticated and empirically grounded, this excellent volume brings together an interdisciplinary group of prominent authors to provide a piercing examination of the practices, potential and limitations of CSR. Legislation and regulations relevant to CSR. When it comes to legislation and regulation, there is sometimes an overlap concerning requirements for CSR and those for corporate governance. At beginning of industrialization in Europe and United States, labours are hardly exploited just like a slave (modern slavery) (Cabral, 1998). CSR related with the human resources issues, it is raised because of the right of labour which unprotected. The problem with an approach that lets business define corporate responsibility is that it is not grounded in a set of principles about what it means to be a responsible business. Corporate governance refers to the system by which companies are operated and controlled; this is supported by legislation, regulations and defined codes of conduct. Theintactfront 18 Apr 2018 1 Comment.

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