Depending upon your situation, you may want to start with one of the unique approaches described below. Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation can be conducted by individuals, organizations, or crowds. The problem is, if your ideation workshop isn’t focused and structured, you can end up wasting a lot of time. Exercise is a fantastic ideation tool with fringe benefits! My most prolific ideation time is while outside exercising in nature. Braindrawing: Good for reticent groups. After you’ve read and implemented all the strategies in this post, sign up for a free CoSchedule trial. The structured ideation process is a living thing, that can change and adjust itself to restrictions, bringing together the team to really invoke the collective creative force that moves your product. Brainwriting: Group doodling for non-verbal stimulation. The aim of a creative ideation workshop is to optimize the brainstorming process. That’s where this guide will help you.

Nearly any industry can implement creative ideation techniques to enhance problem-solving and encourage innovation. But what if there was a better way to brainstorm, or generate creative, actionable ideas? Walking can stimulate creativity and ideation by … Or… you may want to start with “basic brainstorming,” and then switch things up as needed to ensure you generate a good quantity of really useful, creative ideas. Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization.

For us it’s typically walking our dogs or biking the hills in our small subdivision. Red Hat – Emotions. The group ideation techniques result in many benefits such as: – Active and free-flowing stimulation and association. Structured ideation may sound less sexy than brainstorming, but offers a wide variety of idea generation techniques and a flexible, constructive method of channeling creativity. Idea generation or ideation is the act of forming ideas. Brainstorming: The classic creative method for groups. They involve putting on a selection of metaphorical hats when it comes to making a decision. Each hat represents a different direction of thinking. Yes!! It is a creative process that encompasses the generation, development and communication of new thoughts and concepts, which become the basis of your innovation strategy. Developed by Edward de Bono in the early 80s, this popular technique is now used by businesses all over the world. Challenge: Challenge any part of the problem. … Black Hat – Judgement, Caution. Apply brainstorming techniques to generate creative ideas. Brainmapping: Combining brainwriting and mind-mapping. Group ideation techniques are effective in a wide range of organizations. Breakdown: Careful decomposition to explore the whole system. White Hat – Facts.

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