Mentimeter is so easy to use that we think it's …

as well as top events. There are advance features available such as PowerPoint-upload, remote clicker and data exports. Create a Mentimeter account Sign up for your own Mentimeter account in just a couple of seconds. This article provides tips to help perfect your quiz-hosting! Interact with your audience using real-time voting. No installations or downloads needed - simply create an account to start using Mentimeter in seconds! Follow-up Once your Mentimeter presentation is over, share and export your results for further analysis and even compare data over time to measure the progress of your audience. With this plugin you can add the power of Mentimeter directly to your PowerPoint presentation.

* Mentimeter can also be used to create out of class activities that can be embedded into Moodle.

Slido integrates with your favorite software, such as Slack and Google Slides.

Create fun and interactive presentations with Mentimeter, making your audience engaged and energized. Company meetings. 55 free trivia and fun quiz question templates Mentimeter permits the administrator to create interactive slides. Visualize their responses in real-time to create a fun and interactive experience. Perfect for high-performing teams. Pros: Mentimeter permits the administrator to create interactive slides.The students are motivated not only because their comments, questions and answers are presented anonymously during the class, but because they use their mobile phones and see the slides. Mentimeter’s new Powerpoint Add-In.

Mentimeter, launched in 2014, is a software known for its polling and quiz features.For new users, Mentimeter appears to be quite unwelcoming: in order to try all the features, you will need to pay an expensive price of $359.86 (excluding tax) for a minimum whole year of subscription.

Foundation and background. We do this with an easy to use web app ( providing you with real-time polling, fun competitions and smart prioritization tools for your workshop. Learn more about Integrations. Mentimeter is all about fun meetings with great learning experience for the audience.

Use Mentimeter directly in your PowerPoint presentation. We aim to make the presenters into superstars on the stage while the audience has a smile on their faces. Plus, you can use Slido with most video conferencing and live streaming tools.

Show your presentation to begin audience participation! Mentimeter is a Swedish company based in Stockholm that develops and maintains an eponymous app used to create presentations with real-time feedback. We encourage colleagues with teaching and student facing responsibilities to use Mentimeter as it offers many different types of interactive tools, and feedback from students has been extremely positive.

No installations or downloads required - and it's free!

This is great to be able to add a picture to a question. A Mentimeter quiz is the perfect way to test, engage and entertain your audience in any number of different situations.

However when you are viewing the results of a poll that has an image, the image shows up in the background of the poll. Fill your presentation with questions that you would like to ask your audience. Mentimeter is an easy-to-use powerpoint presentation alternative that makes it easy to listen and be heard. ... You can insert Mentimeter directly in Powerpoint ... create and manage questions and events instantly in Powerpoint. The plugin is for Windows PowerPoint 2016, and you need an Office 365 account to download it.

The students are motivated not only because their comments, questions and answers are presented anonymously during the class, but because they use their mobile phones and see the slides. See more use cases.

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