The station is at the corner of Long Acre and James Street and is a Grade II listed building. The large building is often referred to as simply Covent Garden, after a previous use of the site. The first written reference to “the new market in Covent Garden” dates from 1654. The first opera house was constructed in 1732. Covent Garden is a district in London, on the eastern fringes of the West End, between St Martin's Lane and Drury Lane. It lies just northwest of the Strand. See Article History. More a hotch-potch of food sellers than any kind of formal market, it grew rapidly, taking over more and more of … “Covent Garden” is actually a bastardization of “Convent Garden,” which it was called as early as the 1500s for being the vegetable garden of the monks of Westminster Abbey. In 1552, Earls of Bedford got the land. Lovers of art can enjoy the nearby exhibits at the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery or simply stroll across the Strand to Somerset House, where the Courtauld Gallery exhibits a collection of famous Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces.

It was built as part of a six-storey block in about 1899 on the site of an earlier pub that had been known under several names, including the Coach and Horses and Ben Caunt's Head. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays were the days the farmers arrived to sell their wares. History. 2 The station today. It is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist site, and with the Royal Opera House, which itself may be referred to as "Covent Garden". Covent Garden: A Brief History From humble beginnings as a ‘Convent Garden’ to the thriving heart of the West End, Covent Garden has a colourful history. Actor-manager John Rich built the first Theatre Royal, Covent Garden with the fortune he had made from the huge success of The Beggar’s Opera. Covent Garden is a London Underground station in Covent Garden, West End of London. It was on the River Thames whose shoreline then was the Strand. Discover Covent Garden’s rich heritage through the centuries, from orchard garden of Westminster Abbey to London’s first residential square to London’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market. Henry VIII got the land that people dub today as Covent Garden.

Facts about Covent Garden 4: the square. History. It is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist site, and with the Royal Opera House, which itself may be …

Covent Garden was once the bustling center of an Anglo-Saxon trading town Established about a mile to the west of Londinium—the old Roman settlement now known as the City of London or “the Square Mile”—was a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon trading town called Lundenwic, centered around the area that is now Covent Garden. At that time, under the terms of a Royal Patent, Covent Garden was only one of two theatres permitted to perform drama in the capital. Facts about Covent Garden 3: Henry VIII. Just a moment’s walk from Covent Garden stands one of the world’s greatest museums — a repository of extraordinary artefacts covering almost 2 million years of human history, all housed in a magnificent neo-classical building enhanced by Foster & Partners' Great Court which opened in 2000. It is believed that it was the supporting town, then called Lundenwic, of a nearby Saxon port. Covent Garden, square in the City of Westminster, London. The red nosed old rascal was first seen in England when the ‘Party King’, Charles II, came to the throne and the grim days of Oliver Cromwell's republic were finally over.

Originally a bustling Saxon trading settlement to the aristocracy, it developed over time into what it is known for today, a lively marketplace with cobbled streets which are entirely pedestrianised.

Covent Garden's thriving history started as early as the 7th century as a Saxon settlement. It is the home of The Royal Opera , The Royal Ballet , and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

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