Such … that He is such a smart boy that he passes his math exams successfully. Correlative conjunctions are used in pairs to link equivalent elements (e.g., an adjective with an adjective, or a noun with a noun).
Some of the more commonly used correlative conjunctions are: Both/and; Either/or; Just as/so; Neither/nor; Not only/but also; Whether/or; Hardly/when, etc. Correlative Conjunctions are simply pairs of conjunctions used in a sentence to join different words or groups of words in a sentence together. This page includes examples of correlative conjunctions and an interactive exercise. Whether … or He must do it, whether he likes it or not. Correlative Conjunctions are simply pairs of conjunctions used in a sentence to join different words or groups of words in a sentence together. The most common correlative conjunctions are either/or, neither/nor, not only/but also, as/so, and not/but. Correlative Conjunctions are generally not used to link sentences themselves, instead, they link two or more words of equal importance within the sentence itself. When you use a correlative conjunction, you must be sure that pronouns agree. Verb Agreement.
When using correlative conjunctions, ensure verbs agree so your sentences make sense. A correlative conjunction gets its name from the fact that it is a paired conjunction that has a reciprocal or complementary relationship. English Grammar, Correlative Conjunctions List, Definition and Examples Hardly … when I had hardly closed my eyes when she came. A conjunction is a part of speech that connects or coordinates words, phrases, or clauses.. A correlative conjunction is a type of conjunction that functions in a pair, with both words … For example: Every night, either loud music or fighting neighbors wake John from his sleep. Correlative Conjunctions, Explanations and Examples We want to use more professional expressions when expressing our actions in everyday life, giving information about different objects or making an academic presentation. Before we leave, here are a few things you must keep in mind when using correlative conjunctions: 1. When two subjects are joined together by a correlative conjunction, the verb that follows must be in agreement with the subjects.

Neither … nor Neither George nor his brother is very tall. Correlative conjunction definition: Correlative conjunctions are conjunctions that function as separable compounds, occurring in pairs, and have corresponding meanings. English Correlative Conjunctions, Definition and Examples A correlative conjunction is essentially a coordinate conjunction used in pairs. Correlative Conjunctions Definition.

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