How to Draw a Red Coral. Suitable for key stage 1 +, grades 1+, and ages 7 + Lots of intricate details in the pointillism and rendering. Step 5.
Step 1.

# 71700 - coral reef drawing 10 best coral reef drawing images on pinterest ... # 71701 - Under The Sea Coral Coloring Pages New How To Draw A Coral Reef ... # 71702 - Coral reef stock illustration. Step 6 . Step 3. Draw third branch of the red coral as shown. Draw a coral reef mural. Start the tutorial work by drawing an oval & lines as shown. Draw one branch of the red coral as shown. Make last branch of the red coral as shown. Coral Reef Art Print I make art, too! 8 1/2" x 6" on high quality bright white paper. Step 7.
️️ This print is of a pen drawing I did last year. Make middle branch of the red coral as shown.

Step 2. Make base as shown. Step 4. You can use your model reef as a reference point for science learning, for instance exploring concepts such as food chains, adaptation, classification and human impacts on the environment.

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