The formation of the comparative and superlative depends on the number of syllables in the adjective: One-syllable Adjectives. Comparative vs superlative forms (7 exercises) - ex 6 + ex 7 (michel.barbot) Regular Comparatives and Superlatives - "Type the correct form of the word in brackets to fill each space." For example, someone might say that "the blue bird is angrier than the robin.". If we want to talk about a quality which is smaller in amount relative to others, we use the forms less (the opposite of comparative more ), and the least (the opposite of superlative the most ). Comparatives and Superlatives Age: Young Adult- Adult Level: Beginners Length: Up to 1 hour Vocab: Basic adjectives, comparatives and superlatives Focus: Comparing things, reading, writing and speaking. Examples of superlative adjectives. What's worse? More Hyperbole in Poetry. Superlatives are used to show the difference between more than two objects. They are in red in the subtitles.

As you watch the video, look at the examples of comparatives and superlative adjectives. Avec les adverbes se terminant par -ly, il faut utiliser more pour le comparatif et most pour le superlatif. Then, they will make a connection to another language concept: superlatives! To form the comparative, we add -er to the end of the adjective. Start by drawing some basic characters on the board, a tall thin one, a small fat one and a normal one. Comparative and superlative forms with -er/-est and more/most are always used to talk about a quality which is greater in amount relative to others. When we want to compare two or more nouns using adjectives, we use the comparative and superlative forms of the adjective to show the comparison between the nouns.. E.g. Trains are the most expensive transport in London. Superlatives are used for more than 2 people, places, or things. Comments. Reading & Writing. One syllable adjectives. Instructions When we want to compare two or more things, we can change the form of adjectives by adding –er or –est. Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns.They're also used to compare one thing against the rest of a group. ( Regular Comparatives and Superlatives - "This sentence uses a superlative, but it is mixed-up. Watch This! Forming regular comparatives and superlatives. What's better in the UK?

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Add -er for the comparative and -est for the superlative. For example - the Best, Worst, Hungriest, Biggest, Cleanest, etc. When your students read this silly poem, they will find examples of hyperbole.

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