2. Why can't the commissary be open 24-7? Meaning of COMMISSARY. commissary has definitions from the fields of military,business,food 1 [ noun ] (military,business) a retail store that sells equipment and provisions to military personnel . What does COMMISSARY mean? The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), headquartered at Fort Lee (Virginia), is an agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) that operates nearly 240 commissaries worldwide. COMMISSARY. Definition of COMMISSARY in the Definitions.net dictionary. Commissaries, like restaurants, count against your Compeat licenses. He has a chef who is dedicated solely to running the commissary and catering, as well as Skillet Street Food. A commissary kitchen isn’t necessarily a cost savings. Information and translations of COMMISSARY in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Inconvenient Location: Many commissary kitchens will choose locations outside the city center or in the suburbs because real estate is cheaper and they can afford a larger space. Definition of commissary.

When you save a new Commissary Definition, you should then go to the Vendors screen and enter the new commissary number in its Entity # this vendor will represent field. Commissary kitchen rates depend on the location, but costs can range between $15 - $35 an hour, and costs can add up over time. 7. Similarly, Josh’s commissary kitchen has helped grow his catering business. Commissary Definitions. Control the quality of your food and beverages across concepts. An officer whose principal duties are to supply the army with provisions. Overhead and salaries are paid with appropriated funds from a finite budget, so extending hours requires careful study by management to ensure a strong business case and prudent use of taxpayers' money. The Commissary Definitions screen is where you define commissaries for your business. The Act of April 14, 1818, s. 6, requires that the president, by and with the consent of the senate, shall appoint a commissary general with the rank, pay, and emoluments of colonel of ordnance, and as many assistants, to be taken from the sub-alterns of the line, as the service may require. Definition of.

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