Paul Joynson-Hicks organized this competition. She took the picture of the toad ( … Welcome to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Enter the 2020 Competition ... protecting and saving wildlife. The Comedy Wildlife Team, that's Michelle, Tom and Paul, are always finding ways we can improve our way of lives to be kinder to the planet, which in turn is kinder to the wildlife. Winner, Julian Rad / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards There are quite a few annual wildlife and nature photography awards these days, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them all, but if there’s room for just one more distinction, I suppose it’s the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards .
But they at least have the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards to recognize their comedic value. GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014, Underwater category winner: ‘Lord toad’ by Remi Masson. Funny animals don’t get Nobel prizes or Oscar nominations, and they’re woefully underrepresented at CERN. An avid nature photographer, he loves seeing animals at their natural funniest. The British Wildlife Photography Awards winners have been revealed, with Lee Acaster from Suffolk taking home the top prize for his shot of a Graylag Goose in London.

© Copyright 2020 The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Gallery of Winners and Finalists 2019 Finalists.

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