SUPERVISION FORMS: Click on the titles below to download the pdf/xlsx forms. Christopher’s Ebbe’s Clinical Supervisor… Intern/Trainee Evaluation (FCS) PhD Intern Evaluation (CHC) Supervision Outcomes Survey (Starlight) Self-Assessment Forms. Counselor Self-Review of Counseling Session Form - E (doc): Student reflects on each counseling session on this form. SUPERVISOR. LPCA members who would like the forms in MS Word Docx (that is the newer version of Word) can email us at the following: CPCS
This manual presents guidelines for clinical supervision in the substance use disorder treatment field. Summary of Supervision … Practicum Supervision Log Form (doc) - Supervisors (doctoral, faculty and field-site) document supervision sessions, hours, and interventions on this form. It covers supervision methods and models, cultural competence, ethical and legal issues, and performance monitoring. Individual Supervision Template (ARCC) Evaluation Forms. The manual also includes an implementation guide for program … SUPERVISEE. Sample Supervisor Evaluation.

Sample Supervisee Evaluation.

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