At the same time making sure there is enough energy, water and food for the people, and retaining enough popularity to remain in the office. BBC Climate Challenge is an online environmental game that focuses on policy and sustainable development over a 110 year period. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office. Related links. …

A game where you are president of the European Nations. Related SDGs: Climate Action. News, opinion, features and explanation on climate change. In South Africa, there used to be a thicket the size of Cyprus that could sink large quantities of carbon and create a cooler microclimate. Climate Challenge game.

BLOG: Planet Earth Under Threat Diary from the … These people are trying to grow it back.

... More climate change from around the BBC. British police have arrested nine people after climate change protesters temporarily shut down BP headquarters in London on new boss Bernard Looney's first day in office. VIDEO: Climate Change shorts Watch eight short films about the effects of climate change. With the current level of debate in mind, the BBC decided a game might be a good introductory route into climate change and some of the issues … BBC Climate Challenge is a fun, web-based policy simulation game where the player can act as the leader of the European Union and select policies until the year 2100 to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Includes clips you can watch online.

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