The Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology represents a great innovation among Italian universities courses. Donations from both members and nonmembers make the Society for Classical Studies stronger. Image by Barcex, via Creative Commons. UMass Boston offers a major and minor in classical studies, surveying the societies of Greece and Rome, supplemented by basic competency in Ancient Greek and/or Latin.

A gift to our annual giving campaign supports current programs, and a pledge to our new Endowment for Classics Research and Teaching will enable the SCS to make high quality information about the Classical World available in accessible formats to the largest possible audience. CLASSICAL STUDIES SUMMER 2020 ONLINE OFFERINGS: In summer 2020, the B.A. Learn: Continuing classical Latin more Learn about the field of classical studies, undergraduate and graduate degree programs and the topics you'll typically study. Classical Studies Degrees. Program in Classical Studies is offering five online undergraduate courses:
The M.A. Classical Studies may be studied at Ordinary or at Higher level. Welcome to the Department of Classical Studies! are the same for the campus M.A. The degree requirements for the online M.A. in Classical Studies is available fully online. No attendance on campus is necessary.

Classical Studies E-Books Onlineis the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill in the field of Classical Studies.

The languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome have been a part of the curriculum here since the university’s founding in 1891, and we are now one of … There are ten topics prescribed for examination. Classical Studies is concerned with the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome - roughly from the time of Homer to the time of St. Augustine - in all of their aspects.

Schools offering Middle Eastern History degrees can also be found in these popular choices. The Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies Gain access to cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research in all areas of classical studies including archaeology. All M.A. The fundamental unit of both levels is the topic.

History & Literature.

Students can choose to major in Classical Studies, Latin, Greek, or Classical Languages, and each major requires both a junior skills portfolio and a senior symposium. See the course listings and requirements for more … Read more

Prospective students may apply for the full M.A. There are ten topics prescribed for examination.

Welcome to the Department of Classical Studies at UNCG!

Classical Studies, Literary Studies: Classical, Early, and Medieval, Poetry and Poets: Classical, Early, and Medieval This book is a comprehensive study of the methods of interpreting myths developed by the Greeks, adopted by the Romans, and passed on to Jewish and Christian interpreters of the Bible. This free course, Continuing classical Latin, gives you the opportunity to hear a discussion of the development of the Latin language.

Classical Studies, Ancient Rhetoric and Educational Culture, Classical Reception Chapter 33 focuses on Demosthenes’ reception in antiquity and during the Byzantine Era. See what your career options are after graduation.

Classical Studies, BA. This Classical Studies diploma from The Open University UK will help you practise and refine the skills of argument and analysis, which are valued very highly by employers. Because of the nature of their studies, students are also encouraged to study abroad in either Rome or Athens. Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Syllabus) - Free iTunes Video- Free Online Video - David O’Connor, Notre Dame; Ancient Greece: City and Society – Free iTunes Audio – La Trobe University, Australia; Ancient Greece: Myth, Art & War - Free iTunes Audio - Dr Gillian Shepherd, La Trobe University – Australia A top online classical studies program gives students the best of both worlds: the convenience of being able to control their own schedule and meet their current work or family obligations combined with the ability to get a comprehensive classical studies education suitable for obtaining work in …
Classical Studies may be studied at Ordinary or at Higher level. The renowned studies in Archaeology of Rome Sapienza University are combined with the online tools of Unitelma Sapienza University which provides Italian and international users with an exclusive and prestigious training project. degree or apply to take individual courses as a non-matriculated student. Coverage: Ancient Philosophy, Ancient History, Ancient Religion, Greek and Roman Literature, Epigraphy & Papyrology, Archeology

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