For a measure of spread associated to the circular median use function meandeviation. The Definition in equations 2.32 & 2.33 from N.I. Fisher (1993) Statistical Analysis of Circular Data, Cambridge University Press. Description Usage Arguments Details Value Author(s) References See Also Examples. A scalar with the circular median value. Description. These estimators all lack robustness, so it would be great to have at least circular median. Fisher's 'Statistical Analysis of Circular Data', Cambridge Univ. Circular Data Analysis Introduction This procedure computes summary statistics, generates rose plots and circular histograms, computes hypothesis tests appropriate for one, two, and several groups, and computes the circular correlation coefficient for circular data.

median.circular: Median Direction In circular: Circular Statistics.
Author(s) Claudio Agostinelli and Alessandro Gagliardi References. For a measure of spread associated to the circular median use function meandeviation. Hi, These functions have been extremely helpful, given that I am very new to circular statistics. Since version 0.4-4, the algorithm (not the definition) for the calculation of the median is changed. Value. N.I. Sample median direction for a vector of circular data Usage. Press 1993. is implemented. Currently for circular quantities there are only mean, variance and std implemented, as I understand. The median is returned as an object of class circular.

One question - I'm trying to calculate the circular mean and …

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