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La Jetée, the legendary science fiction film about time and memory after a nuclear apocalypse, was released in 1964 and is considered by many critics to be among the greatest experimental films ever made. E ven though few film essayists are more mythological than Chris Marker, it might help to clarify some matters if a couple of the more persistent myths surrounding his legend were undermined a little. Chris Marker, who is the undisputed master of the film essay, composed this post-apocalyptic story almost entirely of black-and-white still photographs. Chris Marker. For one week in 1957, Chris Marker was part of a small delegation of journalists invited to visit North Korea. (It provided the basis for Terry Gilliam's 1995 film 12 Monkeys.) Coréennes or Korean Women contains over 120 photogravures from this trip combined with poetry, ancient maps, Korean tales and legends, comic book images and even anecdotes about the properties of ginseng. Recent Korean reprint of Chris Marker's rarest book, Coreennes (Korean Women), his photographic study of Korea and Korean women from 1959.

The text is in Korean with the translation approved by Chris Marker, but the photographs are the main event.

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