The word “family” has been taken over from the Roman word, “famulus”, meaning a servant. He never lives alone. In this case, the educational career of the children suffers a lot of set backs (Uzomah, 2006). For instance, in a polygamous family, a man has many wives and many children. A polygamous family involves multiple couples through marriage. Prominent Characteristics of Polygamous Cults. At the outset it is important to explain the sense in which the term “family” is used. polygamous family because, unlike in-law relationships, new wives typically move into the family home, are more interdependent with existing wives, interact and It is a universal institution found in every age and in every society. 1. He begins his day as a member of a group i.e. All control belongs to a central figure. Characteristics of family: 1. As previously indicated, on the level of the polygamous cult this central figure is referred to as “the prophet”. Some of the important characteristics of family system are as follows: Famous Greek Philosopher Aristotle opines that Man is a social animal. family. The Meaning and Characteristics of Family! Its members are more closely related to one another through the process of reproduction. Hence of all human groups the family is the most important primary group. In Roman law, the word denoted the group of producers and slaves and other servants as well as members connected by common descent or marriage. In the last 2 decades, polygamy has been the focus of a significant growth in public, political, and academic awareness. A completely isolated individual is unthinkable. Polygamy represents expanded family structures that are based on marriages involving a husband with 2 or more wives. In the polygamous marriage, the central figure is the husband. Interestingly, polygamy is legally and widely practiced in 850 societies across the globe. In some countries the practice is common. Care of the major characteristics of polygamous family is large family size. In most cases, the husband of the house may not be wealthy to take care of all the members of the family. Strictly defined, family consists of parents and children. Studies in animal behavior show that polygynous mating systems (i.e., one male mating with several females) have at least three possible advantages.. Polygamy: a bird’s eye view.

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