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Shug Avery . It’s all about doing your best in the moment—and having that be enough. . Spoken by Shug Avery, she tries to restore Celie's religious belief in God and explains how it's difficult to go on with life if one ignores God. I had to fight my daddy. Celie affirms her own independence apart from Shug and comes into her own as she accepts herself for who she is and what she has. Feel how a simple melody can stir your soul. I'm here. Page 188: Celie moves into Shug's house in Memphis.

Sofia: All my life I had to fight.

Shug like honey. [to Albert] The jail you planned for me is the one you're gonna rot in.

After Celie receives her sister’s advice to be strong, Celie responds with unexpected honesty about herself and her circumstances. I'm here! She notes the round bed and her plans for a round house made of mud.
This moment taught me about compassion. Celie about Shug and her song for Celie "He beat me when you not here' ... 'I'm pore, I'm black, I may be ugly and I can't cook, a voice say to everything listening. Celia Im. A look at the literary devices employed by Alice Walker in creating the character Celie … Close your eyes and remember a special piece of music. She decides therefore that she can best ensure her survival by making herself silent and invisible. And now I's just like a bee.

But Celie’s sense of self is strong enough that she is no longer a helpless object, so she resists Mr. _____’s proclamation, reinterpreting his words in a defiant context: “I’m pore, I’m black, I may be ugly and can’t cook.

She is purely a victim: She’s repeatedly raped by her father, her children are taken away from her, and she’s literally sold into marriage to a man who wants a servant, not a wife. -----Old Mr.: Celie, you has my sympathy.

I had to fight my brothers. The Color Purple: Dear God, I’m Here! Sometimes, the greatest thing is making it to the next day. Broadway Revival (2015) The Color Purple Musical - I'm Here Lyrics "I'm Here" is a song from the Broadway musical The Color Purple performed by Cynthia Erivo (Celie).

But I'm here. ' Celie It's Hard Out There for a... Black Woman in the Early 1900's. By Alice Walker. Ain't many women allow they husband's ho to lay up in they house. But I'm here' Celie to Albert "Every stitch I sew will be a kiss' Celie to Nettie 'I am so happy. It is as if Shug demands not to conform to any of society's norms. Music resonates in every fiber of our being and touches us to the core. Celie was born into a poor family.

The Color Purple is a 1985 film about a young African-American girl that shows the problems faced by African-American women during the early 1900s; including poverty, racism, and sexual discrimination.
I'm poor, black; I may even be ugly. See Daddy, sinners have soul too.

Celie has lived an absolutely miserable life; during adolescence, READ MORE - PRO MEMBERS ONLY Join the StageAgent community to read expert guidance for I'm Here … She's got it tough straight through the first part of the book. January 19, 2014 Uncategorized Framing Feminism. I got love, I got work, I got money, friends and time'

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