Carrie Nation is an American woman. The actions of Carry Amelia Moore Nation, American temperance reformer and moral agitator, helped bring on the prohibition era.. Some confusion exists over the spelling of Nation’s first name; official records seem to indicate that she was originally named Carrie, but in later years she adopted Carry and liked to say that her movement would help carry a nation. Facts about Carrie Nation 3: the first name.

Carrie Nation is famous for being a radical member of the temperance movement she projected her viewpoint through vandalism. Nation, born as Carrie Amelia Moore in November 1846, took a direct approach to forwarding the aims of the prohibition movement–often much too direct for the tastes of authorities. Suggested Posts. Facts about Carrie Nation 4: Carry A. Carry Moore as a child experienced poverty, her mother’s mental instability, and frequent bouts of ill health. Carry A.

Carry Amelia Moore was born in Garrard County, Ky., on Nov. 25, 1846, into a well-to-do slave-holding household. Nation was married twice: to the alcoholic Dr. Charles Gloyd (1865-69) and then to David A. Nation. But she used the spelling Carrie in most official records. It is correct for the people to spell her name Carry or even Carrie.

She was raised in an intensely religious atmosphere. It premiered at the University in 1966 and later that year was given its first professional performance by the San Francisco Opera. Carrie married Robert Heathcote on month day 1911, at age 20 at marriage place . She chose the name Carry A. Nation when she began her campaign against alcohol in the beginning of 20th century. Carrie Amelia Nation, who also liked to be known as Carry A. Carrie Nation, Charlien Gloyd, Lola Nation (David's daughter), and Mother Gloyd lived at the hotel. Carrie Nation 1891 Kansas Carrie Nation in Iowa, Marriages, 1809-1992 Carrie Nation was born in 1891, at birth place , Kansas, to Henry C. Nation and Jernisha Bringman . (Please fill in your own hatchet-related comment, e.g., “The reviews must have been cutting.”) 9. David became embroiled in a political conflict, and his life was threatened. January 1901: Carrie makes headlines as a "Saloon Smasher" and a temperance lecturer over the next 10 years. Carry Nation, under a commission from the University of Kansas.

Nation (1877-1901). He moved the family to Medicine Lodge, Kansas, in 1889, taking up a part-time ministry at a Christian church there.

June 9, 1911: Carrie Nation dies in a Leavenworth sanatorium. She is particularly noteworthy for attacking alcohol-serving establishments (most often taverns) with a hatchet. Carrie Amelia Moore Nation (first name also spelled Carry; November 25, 1846 – June 9, 1911) was an American woman who was a radical member of the temperance movement, which opposed alcohol before the advent of Prohibition. Wielding a hatchet, which became her symbol, Nation began her anti-saloon campaign in the 1890s in Kansas, where saloons … Nation, Carry Amelia Moore (1846–1911) US social reformer and temperance leader. Her alcoholic first husband turned her against liquor. Carrie Nation is jailed for smashing a nude painting and mirror in a Wichita saloon. Peter Dinklage Facts…

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