And this is the first ever WG-fanart of Kim. The Care Bears, along with their pals the Whiffles, protect this realm from the negative influence of the mischievous Bluster and his Bad Crowd! animals were given the best of care. Actually, for those who have seen the movie.....her name is Kim in the movie. The Care Bears were every 80s girl’s favourite bear! The title characters originally appeared in card artwork by Elena Kucharik, before branching out into various media and merchandise.

The Care Bears are a group of stuffed animals originating from the franchise of the same name and are supporting characters in the Nature Dragon franchise. The Care Bears Movie is a 1985 animated fantasy film and the second feature film from the Canadian animation studio Nelvana (after the 1983 film Rock & Rule).One of the first films based directly on a toy line, it introduced the Care Bears characters and their companions the Care Bear Cousins. The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite, the last ever Care Bears movie made in the decade (and was the last movie of the franchise right up until 2004), premiered on the Disney Channel in 1988. The entire collection of Care Bear Stuffed Animals were given to Hugo by his late mother, Giselle Wooten, shortly after he was born. Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot is a 2004 children's animated feature film. The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-Lot. I’m very surprised that she was the requested character. The second Care Bear feature film tells the story of how the Care Bear Family, including Share Bear, first came to Care-a-Lot after escaping the clutches of the evil Dark Heart.Some time later, the villain makes another attempt at capturing his furry prey by setting a trap with the help of a girl named Christy. This is separate from the other Care Bear stories I've written and I hope you all enjoy it. They travel around the world on Missions in Caring, whilst evil villains such as Professor Coldheart and Lord No Heart, try to thwart their plans. Kid's Bedtime Story. Retro Spot - Kenner Care Bears Poseable Grumpy Bear. Share Bear as a cub in the second film. This is really something new and i like that. The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland is a 1987 Canadian-American animated fantasy film and the third theatrically released film in the Care Bears franchise. Then in 1982, the entire Care Bears franchise was launched in New York City and soon became one of … Sound Effects Used Hollywoodedge, Car Alarm Fast Oscill PE075101, Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110201, Hollywoodedge, Medium Exterior Crow PE140501, Hollywoodedge, Opens Pop Champagne C … With engaging, unique characters and an irreverent and heartwarming sense of humor, this new series is perfect for anyone looking for more magic in their lives! Founded on a small island, the Care Bear Magi were created to be the protectors of the Care Bear Family, granted great powers to protect the Care Bears from outside threats. TheReviewSpot. With Dan Hennessey, Bob Dermer, Luba Goy, Melleny Melody. Originally planned to be a feature film, it was decided to launch the film as a direct-to-TV movie after the previous film flopped at the box office.

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