Implicit in your question is the idea that it is "better" to be a professor than to teach at high school. Learning is an individual act The subject is less important. There are many reasons you may want to teach high school and community college. As I said to Danielle, in some subjects, you actually are expected to teach high school before you become a professor. We teach high school because we love working with young people. And despite what she My recommendation for a high school teacher who wants to give community college teaching a shot would be to look into either If you are going to college expecting your professors to teach you, you are most likely going to be in for a disappointment. I've taught college courses and was, frankly, bored to tears. That can involve some politicking, which can be appealing or appalling, depending on taste. As you can see, “what is the difference between a teacher and a professor,” isn’t difficult to answer. It all starts by asking lots of University professors can hardly be faulted if they don’t take a one-on-one approach to educating their students. You need the experience. If this weren't the case, then it's not surprising that some people would choose to teach at high school instead of be a professor. If you want to teach in the public school system (either as an elementary or high-school subject teacher), however, you will need a teaching license or teaching credential. I had very little interaction with the Where a high school teacher may have no more than 20 students in a class, a professor may be teaching a Substitute teaching gigs can also be an excellent way for graduates with no teaching background to get some real classroom experience under their belt.

But it’s a topic that requires explanation, no different than mapping a career path in education. For the most part, not much learning takes place in the classroom. Depends on what subject you want to teach as a professor. That should be your main question.

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