You can apply to these programs after getting a bachelor degree. More or less, yes, with the possible exception of combined honours courses (offered by unis like Durham, Newcastle and Exeter). It may take even longer depending on the fields you choose to combine — medicine and law, anyone? What Should I Do After My Masters Course? Are there any combined master and PhD programs in the UK? Interest in double degree programs between member nations has spread in the European Union, as the gaining of qualifications from more than one country is seen as an advantage in the European labour market. If you’re unsure whether a double Masters is … You can study two, three or (possibly) four subjects. There are generally three types of master’s degrees. The United Kingdom is second only to the USA as the most popular study abroad destination in the world, welcoming over 430,000 international students each year. In the traditional model, a master's degree is awarded after completion of a university curriculum — a 5-year programme in science courses at a university or other similar institution, with a project in the final year called magisterium (it can be translated as a Master of Arts or a Master of Science thesis) that often requires carrying out research in a given field. Then you can reduce the number to two in your second and third year. They are also popular among international students, indicating the UK's globally-recognised strength in this area. Many universities in UK offer combined masters and PhD programs. Do some reading, talk to some people, and fill in the gaps for yourself.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is recognised all over the world. ... Much has been written on Career Development here at about PhD study. "But if you're doing a master's of a more generic nature that's not essential to the advertised job, employers will probably view you in the same way as other graduates. Lyla Michaels says: September 5, 2014 at 7:11 am Reply.
So, you’ve decided you want to do a masters degree, but you don’t really want to go back to university and study it on campus. For our double degree programme, we partner with some of the world's leaders in business education. A Masters course is said to make you more employable, increase your earning power and provide you with skills that an undergraduate course can’t teach you. An accredited MBA course from a UK university will improve your management skill and will build your confidence. A double degree can usually be completed in a shorter time frame than two ‘single degrees’.

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