Wir sind alle wie Trump: Bruno Latour spricht über Klimawandel, Heimat und Globalisierung und fordert ein neues politisches Denken. Doch dadurch wird die Debatte immer unpolitischer, so der Soziologe Bruno Latour. Bruno Latour provides a recent example of this genre; it appeared dually in Le Monde and Critical Inquiry on 25 March, here under the title “Is This a Dress Rehearsal,” and in French under the more prosaic but imperative “Health Crisis Demands We Prepare for Climate Change.”

2 “Nous ne vivons pas sur la même planète ”, AOC 18 12 2019. He is especially known for his work in the field of science and technology studies (STS). Better still, would be Baudrillard’s notion of ‘simulation’ (1983) as something seems awry with easy comparisons with authoritarian regimes of the past. Bruno Latour on Uncertainty and Knowledge Posted on March 30, 2020 by Oleg Komlik “ The world is not a solid continent of facts sprinkled by a few lakes of uncertainties, but a vast ocean of uncertainties speckled by a few islands of calibrated and stabilized forms. Bruno Latour. In seinem neuen Buch will er das ändern. Und bemüht dafür einen antiken Mythos. Stoller, “The coronavirus relief bill could turn into a corporate coup if we aren't careful”, The Guardian, 24-3-20, https://bit.ly/3ac2btn . The State of Emergency is well described by Bruno Latour: ... Latour is right to note that this is no more than a “caricature” of biopolitical securitization. Bruno Latour: 'Trump and Thunberg inhabit different planets – his has no limits, hers trembles' Andrew Todd. Photograph: Robin Palmer/Alamy Stock Photo Photograph: Robin Palmer/Alamy Stock Photo T he philosopher Bruno Latour is a showman of difficult truths.

FILE PHOTO: French philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist Bruno Latour poses at his home during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Paris, France, May 7, 2020. Bruno Latour (/ l ə ˈ t ʊər /; French: ; born 22 June 1947) is a French philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist.

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