Predictor . Below is an exhaustive list of small breeds according to the American Kennel Club. Since every puppy is different, the average growth curve may not match exactly. For example, if your pup is 12 weeks old and weighs 7.5 lbs, then follow that column down to the "12-month" row, which in this case is 32.5 lbs, and that'll be … At 6 months, the Boxer female weighs on average between 18 kg for the smallest individuals and 20.5 kg for the largest individuals. List of Small Breed Dogs. Small breed dogs weigh between 12 - 25lbs when fully grown. Growth of Boxer female: According to its size, the weight of the Boxer female at 3 months should be between 9.7 and 11 kg. It is the process that all dogs need to go through in order to help them live comfortably in our human world. Puppy development stages in socialization. In general, the smaller a dog’s final adult weight, the sooner he or she will stop growing…therefore if your Boxer is genetically predetermined to be 60 pounds, he will still be in a growth stage at the age of 17 months as opposed to another that is genetically predetermined to be 50 pounds. Boxer puppies can grow until around 15 months of age.Up to this age, they require a special diet for growing large breed dogs. This is a time of rapid growth and maturity; for canines there is a huge jump here, with the equivalent of several human years sweeping by in a matter of months. Theses guys gain about 5 - 8 ounces each week, which is roughly 5 - 10% increase in weight daily.

For a more accurate estimate, enter your Boxer puppy's current age and weight into our Puppy Weight Predictor to predict its adult size. Most of their growth occurs between 0 - 11 weeks. When a Boxer is born until the age of 6 months, the age equivalent is formulated one way.

Generally, larger dogs take longer to reach their adult weight. oz (Enter your puppy's current weight) LARGE. American Cocker Spaniel. About the weight gain of puppies. All Breeds . At around 16 months—or sooner if your vet thinks that your Boxer pup has reached adult weight already—you can transition to an adult diet for your Boxer. It’s all about learning not to be scared of new experiences, and to welcome human beings as friends. To use the chart, start with your puppy's age down the left side, then see where he falls based on his current weight. My Puppy: Puppy Weight Predictor (Enter your puppy's breed) (Enter your puppy's current age) lb .

Puppy socialization is a big part of the puppy development stages. Some puppies gain weight faster and some a little slower, so don't get worried if the result looks different from what you expected.

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