• Equivalency applicants need a minimum GPA of 2.5 to enter the program.

... students who have taken the first equivalency will receive the second equivalency.

To remain in the program, and to complete the equivalency, they should maintain a 2.75GPA . In continental Europe pre-Bologna, first degrees (roughly equivalent to an American bachelor’s plus master’s degree) were supposed to take 5 years to complete. How to join a Microsoft Teams virtual classroom to attend online classes or sit an exam. To earn a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. educational system, students complete 16 years of formal education–12 years of elementary and secondary education plus four years of undergraduate study. In June 1999, ministers of education from 29 countries gathered in Bologna, the birthplace of Europe’s oldest university, to sign a declaration aimed at harmonizing degree … The European higher education reform process is having an impact way beyond its borders.

Bachelor degree (Bologna award) Visoko Obrazovanja Madagascar Malawi Master's degree (GPA system) 3.2* Master's degree (Percentage) 74%* Malaysia Bachelor degree (Classification system) Class 1 Class 2 division i Class 2 division ii ... Overseas degree equivalency: table 4 … Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP) Select Courses as follows (15 credits minimum): 1. Enrolling in single course units; Online lessons and exams. They should The Bologna Accord creates a shorter undergraduate degree, making it more likely that students will pursue and complete the degree. OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS Recognized Bachelor Degree Equivalencies COUNTRY DEGREE _____ Argentina .....Bachiller Superior, Licenciado or Titulo (5-7 years) Documents required for Equivalency . International Degree Equivalency. Required Language courses (3 credits) ... the academic department to determine how course may fulfill degree requirements. Advanced Standing cannot be granted to equivalency students unless they have completed a Theological or Ministerial Master’s degree. Having submitted the equivalency application, the following documents shall be attached: Intermediate Diploma and Bachelor Degrees: A copy of the qualification to be equalized (wall certificate) duly attested, and the transcript of records (mark sheet) for the qualification to …

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