Pp. Harold Burton Burton. al. George E. C. Hayes and James M. Nabrit, Jr. argued the cause for petitioners on the original argument and on the reargument. Bolling v. Sharpe was filed in U.S. district court in 1951, named for Spottswood Thomas Bolling, one of the children who accompanied Gardner Bishop to Sousa High. No. Syllabus . Attorney(s) appearing for the Case. Earl Warren Warren.

In 1951 in U.S. District court, the case of Bolling v. Sharpe, was filed. that the Constitution of the United States, in its present form, forbids, so far as civil and political rights are concerned, discrimination by the General Government, or by the States, against any citizen because of his race. Felix Frankfurter Frankfurter. v. C. Melvine Sharpe, et.

The U.S. district court dismissed the case on the basis of a previous ruling that deemed segregated schools constitutional in the District of Columbia. Hugo L. Black Black. Although Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was the decision instrumental in mandating the desegregation of public schools in the United States, several lawsuits involving desegregation were filed prior to 1954.

347 U. S. 498-500.

Although unsuccessful, Nabritt trusted his concept of an all out attack on segregation. The Fifth Amendment's guarantee of "liberty" protected by due process also guaranteed racial equality in public education in the District of Columbia . William O. Douglas Douglas.
8. Stanley Reed Reed. Argued December 10-11, 1952. Unanimous decision for Bolling majority opinion by Earl Warren.

Reargued December 9, 1953. Bolling v. Sharpe. With them on the briefs were George M. Johnson and Herbert O. Reid, Jr. Charles W. Quick was also on the brief on the reargument.. Milton D. Korman argued the cause for respondents on the original argument and on the reargument. al. It started when African American parents petitioned for the integration of a new school in the District of Columbia. Bolling, et. Robert H. Jackson Jackson. (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA) Overview: The petition in this case was on behalf of eleven African-American junior high school youths who were refused admission to all-white schools.Their school was grossly unequal in terms of physical condition, the location in a rundown part of the city, and lacking adequate educational materials. This case was named for Spottswood Thomas Bolling, one of the children who accompanied Gardner Bishop to Sousa High.

He was among those denied admission based solely on race. Decided May 17, 1954. Racial segregation in the public schools of the District of Columbia is a denial to Negro children of the due process of law guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. The case of Bolling v. Sharpe began long before it was finally decided in 1954.

347 U.S. 497.

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