Ive been putting them in my delivery box most of the time, but are there any merchants that will buy them at higher cost? Discuss. The next day that follows you do the same thing. The reason why I find this easy is because after a while there are about 10-12 worm patches still left from the previous day so you have …

Mar 9, 2016 @ 4:54am Where to sell the surplus artefacts? If you're just trying to get 60 donations in order to get the sewer key, the quickest way is to go mining every day and crack open every geode you find, while hoeing any stray worms you see along the way. Also, can i give the items as gifts?
Outside of the mines the only way to find artifacts are from worms, and from fishing for treasure. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Stardew Valley > General Discussions > Topic Details. Artifacts are particular to certain areas, so at some point you’ll want to look up the ones you’re missing and see which area you can find them in. Best way to find last artefact (bone flute)? This time, don’t dig up any of the artifact spots. Petrie.
Artefact Troves. You exit and open up the game again and only dig up the worms that you want. If no needed artifacts were dug up, reload the save to restart the day. Dig up any artifact spot on the map relevant to potential artifact spawn locations (for you, this would be Pelican Town and the Desert, Dinosaur Egg also has a chance to spawn in the Mountains so you can try there as well). in my experience it seems worms are more reliable than fishing, but either route takes a long long time. If you dig up an artifact you needed, skip to Step 4). The desert has a few unique artifacts, and you can get some artifacts by just hoeing dirt areas in the mines. Make sure you search for worms in all the different areas such as Forest, Railroad, Town, Beach, Mines, etc. Stardew Valley. I can see from the Wiki that you can find it in the following places: Artefact spots in Cindersnap Forest (1%), The Mountain (1%) or Pelican Town (0.5%) Fishing Treasure Chests. I'm currently trying to find my last artefact (the bone flute) and it's driving me mad!

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