1. It brings to the notice of the distributors the new products introduced into the market by the producer. Advertising also bestows some benefits for the middleman and salesman. Advertising helps in stimulating buying action by sending prospects to salesmen. Advertising quickens the pace of sales by bringing products to the knowledge of the consumer.

Advertising thus eliminates the middleman and proves a good substitute for the travelling salesman. Guarantees Quick Sales. The manufacturers are informed of this. In other words, it supplements advertising in the task of demand creation.

12. For consumers, advertising has multiple benefits, such as making them aware of new products, keeping prices stable, helping people find jobs, communicating important issues and warning them of danger. 3.

It gives personal touch to the impersonal appeal made by the producers through advertising.
They will supply the products according to the demand of the customers and thus equalize the demand and supply of their products. It creates demand for the goods dealt by the distributors. Acceptance of New Products Advertising bring in new goods to the consumers, impresses upon them the new uses of the products which saves their income. Advantages of Salesmanship to the Distributors.
A salesman’s confidence is increased through advertising by educating and stimulating the consumers. The benefits derived from advertising are manifold. Customer’s demand and needs are studied by him correctly. 2. This is beneficial to … For the advertiser, a great ad can attract customers and keep them loyal to the brand. These are as follows: 1. It is one of the most important components of the marketing process. Importance of Advertising to Salesman and Middleman.

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