To calculate your ATAR rank, type in each of your VCE Unit 3 and 4 subjects, including your English subject, and your … Use it today to inform your subject selection and better understand your future study options. Reporting the university aggregate and ATAR. Add new subject. Scaling outcomes by subject are not available publicly. To begin, select your state below: ATAR Calculator is a website that allows you to estimate what your ATAR score will be. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of calculating an ATAR. To see your ATAR rank, add at least four subjects and their raw scores, including English. The highest rank is 99.95, the next highest 99.90, and so on. if you are more of a science person than a maths person I don't see why you would consider spesh. Learn more about how the ATAR Calculator and VCE scaling works = Study Score Calculator can help you get a more accurate raw score prediction. Get a copy of your Academic Record (see instructions below if you haven’t received your College copy) If you attend an ACT government college, open any browser and go to the URL: https://student- VCE ATAR Calculator. It's the most visited and accurate ATAR Calculator … ATAR Calculator Select up to six VCE Unit 3 and 4 subjects (including your best performing English subject first) and your estimated raw study score for each subject. Once the raw course scores are calculated, the BSSS uses a scaling process to obtain the scaled course scores, then the best 3.6 Tertiary course scores are used to calculate a Tertiary Entrance Score, which is then used to caclulate the ATAR. The ATAR calculator will scale your raw study scores based on last year’s VTAC data to generate your estimated ATAR. The lowest automatically reported rank … VCE ATAR Calculator Easily estimate your ATAR with the VCE ATAR Calculator. Find best high schools in Canberra or top schools in ACT here. ALL ABOUT YOUR ATAR FOR 0123 NSW HSC STUDENTS 06 | The Report on the Scaling of the 2018 NSW HSC, available on UAC’s website shows, for each course, the distribution of NESA’s HSC marks (as reported to students – Table A2) and the scaled marks (as used in the 2018 ATAR calculation – Table A3) at specific percentiles. The HSCninja 2019 ATAR Calculator incorporates all historical HSC ATAR scaling data from 2009 to 2018 to provide you with the best ATAR estimate range. It's a difficult subject and if you want to get high 90s ATAR you'd be better off investing your time into smashing bio, chem and physics.

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