The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) establishes common standards for the international trade of conventional weapons and seeks to reduce the illicit arms trade. 2013 Arms Trade Treaty The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) regulates international transfers of conventional arms,as well as theirammunition, parts and components, with a view to reducing human suffering. Arms Trade Treaty Compare Afghanistan to others by choosing countries, states or territories from the list below.
Afghanistan (/ æ f ˈ ɡ æ n ɪ s t æ n, æ ... done in the 20th century suggests that the geographical area of Afghanistan has been closely connected by culture and trade with its neighbors to the east, west, and north. Even though the Arms Trade Treaty has been in place for four years, global arms trade is still on the rise. This publication provides an overview of the ATT’s background, its object and purpose and its main requirements.
The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) entered into force in December 2014. The Arms Trade Treaty: A Practical Guide to National Implementation Edited by Sarah Parker, August 2016 This Guide is designed to assist and inform those responsible for implementing the ATT at … When the Treaty’s regular Conference of States Parties takes hold, it will underscore that the discussion and scrutiny of the international arms trade have firmly found a place on the multilateral agenda.” (Introduction to the book Weapons and international law: The Arms Trade Treaty, 2015) ... and Britain gained control of Afghanistan's foreign relations as part of the Treaty … On 2 April the General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) with a vote of 154-3-23. On 25 September the United Nations held a high-level event, “The Arms Trade Treaty: Towards Entry into Force”. The makes arms transfer decisions ATT subject to humanitarian Through this treaty, States set common international standards for the transfer of conventional arms and ammunition, with the express purpose of reducing human suffering.

2013. On 3 June the Arms Trade Treaty opened for signature. As world leaders meet to discuss the treaty, we must remind them that there is still work to do. The Treaty entered into force on 24 December 2014. Only those territories which publish comparable data for this category appear in the list.

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